The TRIBE Point of View                                                   The real estate and private equity industries are primarily served by large expensive consulting firms with huge overheads dominating the market.  Less skilled “staff” are generally being passed off to clients as “experts” even though they have little experience.  The Real Estate and Private Equity industries are in a HUGE state of flux with many taking this opportunity to "fix" their business issues while their are limited deals being done.  There are VERY few solutions and EXPERIENCED resources that truly understand this space.  The market needs cost effective experienced staff that provide value and not only understand real estate and private equity technology but truly understand the investment life-cycle.  Its about business value NOT technology “need”.

General Overview
TRIBE is a Management Consulting firm that provides experienced IT and business talent to solve complex business issues for its clients worldwide.  Tribe primarily services the Real Estate and Private Equity / Investment industries but also provides guidance and services to high growth startup businesses.  The company was founded in 2006 by Clayton Johnson & is headquartered in Austin Texas. 


The TRIBE Operating Model
Most of our resources have 15+ years experience (with CXO level experience) in either Real Estate, Private Equity, Real Estate Technology and or Management Consulting  industries.  You get PARTNER Level staff to actually work on your engagements.  


We have GLOBAL experience (many of us have worked in senior positions in Europe, Africa, Australia and Far East) and have a HUGE network of resources to draw on.  We also provide technical and NON technical SPECIALISTS that are VERY deep in their particular field of expertise (i.e. business intelligence, technical architecture, custom developers, investment management, investment accounting, “deal” guys, etc.) . 


Our billing rates are based on experience and tenure; with our business model it allows us to have extremely cost effective billing rates and billing processes.

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