From acquisitions to carve-outs or portfolio optimization, Infinity Tribe helps companies leverage technology to elevate their business to excel in today’s competitive landscape.  We use our proven methodology and experience to develop comprehensive, actionable integration, separation, or optimization plans with measurable results.  Infinity Tribe also has the resources to execute those plans, allowing you to operate business as usual.

Our Approach

We perform a strategic planning assessment of the company to create and drive a phased roadmap.  The ultimate goal is to align a company’s business, technologies and operations.  In the case of acquisitions or mergers, integration plans need to be uniquely tailored to the nature of each deal and needs to begin early in the process.  We work with clients to assess existing IT environments and capabilities, and then identify the opportunities and threats of changes in business structure through our due diligence process.  We then execute on that plan by deploying our experienced consulting team.

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