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Technology is front and center more than ever for operating companies and buyers alike. Infinity Tribe works with clients to confront head-on the complexities of deal assessment, integration and portfolio value creation as it relates to technology.  We work side by side with private equity firms through the entire lifecycle to optimize their IT platforms for managing assets into high performance investments.  


Whether its deal screening or pre-close, Infinity Tribe provides a structured and clear process to help our clients understand the IT integration (or maintain asset separately) options, as well as the associated impact and risks of the acquisition.  Through assessing existing IT environments and capabilities, we quickly identify congruities and disparate gaps, developing plans and timelines and estimating capital and short-term operational budgets for the smooth transition of systems and support responsibility.  Key areas of technology analysis are:   

  • Applications

  • Infrastructure

  • Data Management and Migration

  • Security & Compliance

  • Operations

  • Executive Level Reporting

  • Vendors

  • Support


  • Asset Onboarding/Integration Plan and Roadmap

    • scaling and integrating the acquired technology with the company's existing IT platform

    • identify operational efficiency and business process optimization opportunities 

    • consolidate/integrate facilities, infrastructure, and applications

    • design optimal operating model

  • Reports Plan- to obtain necessary investment and operational reports during the transition

  • Day 1 Readiness and Resource Plan

  • Risk and Security Assessment- related to integration and operations

  • Cost Takeout Opportunities- identify areas for reduction in costs

  • Vendor Transition Services Agreement (TSA) - capture pricing synergy through vendor contract negotiations


Plans are nothing without being able to execute with measurable results.  Infinity Tribe uses its proven methodology to integrate data, systems, and processes while maintaining a business-as-usual environment.  It creates an integrated IT organization with consolidated applications and infrastructure with defined key metrics, taking into account future improvements and best practices.  


  • Execute Asset Onboarding/Integration Plan

  • Execute Reports Plan

  • Day 1 Action Plan- implement day 1 action plan, including temporary resource management, short term connectivity

  • Manage Risk and Security

  • Capture Cost Takeouts

  • Manage Vendor Transition Services Agreement (TSA)

  • Change Management

  • Support


Infinity Tribe works to achieve optimization as business relates to technology every day.  We are constantly comparing are clients' platforms against best practices, evaluating new technologies, and measuring results.  Should you be operating in-house or utilized more managed services?  Is a Cloud or Hybrid model better for your portfolio?  In the ever changing world of fast paced deals, its vital for private equity firms to operate a cost effective efficient technology platform.  Work with Infinity Tribe to optimize your platform for managing many assets into high performance investments.  


  • Risk and Security Assessment 

  • Optimization Plan to align Technology with Business Strategy 

  • Outsourcing Opportunities- minimize capital investment outsourcing services and utilizing cloud technology

  • Cost Takeout Opportunities

  • Project Management to execute Technology Strategy and Capture Cost Takeouts

  • Change Management

  • Support

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