Transactions are complex, especially for carve-outs, as companies are expected to create an operable and secure stand alone entity in a short time frame.  Companies need to know they can execute carve-outs quickly, cost effectively, and achieve value from the technology.  Infinity Tribe works with clients to confront head-on the complexities of carve-outs as they relate to technology, from strategy and planning through separation and platform optimization. 


Whether its deal screening or pre-close, Infinity Tribe provides a structured and clear process to help our clients understand the separation options, as well as the associated impact and risks.  Through assessing existing IT environments and capabilities, we quickly identify congruities and disparate gaps, developing plans and timelines and estimating capital and short-term operational budgets for the smooth transition of systems and support responsibility.  Key areas analyzed are:   

  • Applications

  • Infrastructure

  • Data Management and Migration

  • Security & Compliance

  • Operations

  • Executive Level Reporting

  • Vendors

  • Support


  • Asset Separation/Carve-out Plan and Roadmap

  • Reports Plan- to obtain necessary investment and operational reports during the transition

  • Day 1 Readiness and Resource Plan

  • Business Process and Strategy Plan

  • Risk and Security Assessment- related to separation and operations

  • Cost Takeout Opportunities- identify areas for reduction in costs

  • Transition Services Agreement (TSA) - to manage the separation as it relates to all aspects of the plan


Plans are nothing without being able to execute with measurable results.  Infinity Tribe uses its proven methodology to manage the full life cycle of the separation, from pre-divestiture through value creation.  We standup an IT organization with fully operable applications and infrastructure, with defined key metrics, taking into account business process and technology best practices.  


  • Day 1 Action Plan- implement day 1 action plan, including short term connectivity

  • Interim CIO, PMO, and CISO for entire lifecycle for Change Management

  • Execution of Transition Services Agreement (TSA) and Roadmap

  • Helpdesk Support

  • One Stop Standup Implementation Shop (following regulatory and audit compliance):

    • ERP

    • CRM

    • HRIS

    • T&E

    • IT Infrastructure migrations to clouds (AWS, Azure)

    • Office 365 migration

    • Cyber-security

    • LOB (Line of Business) Applications

  • Manage Risk and Security

  • Capture Cost Takeouts

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